Who Are We?
The Frederick Catoctones (pronounced cah-tock-tones) Barbershop Chorus was founded in 1967 in Frederick, Maryland as a chapter of the Society for the Preservation and Encouragement of Barbershop Quartet Singing in America, Inc. (Also known as the Barbershop Harmony Society) Our membership comes from all walks of life and we are seeking new members who enjoy our hobby and want to sing well. We are an ‘Audition for Admission’ Men’s Singing Organization that sings A Cappella.

What Do We Sing?
Our repertoire is A Cappella music primarily in the Barbershop Style. It is an original American form of music using four part harmony and chord progressions that naturally follow the ‘circle of fifths’.

We enjoy singing a wide range of music from Barbershop classics of the early 1900’s to Mills Brothers, Frank Sinatra and more contemporary arrangements songs from Elvis and Billy Joel.

How Do We Sound?

The Catoctones have a proud history of quality performances in the Frederick Community and in Southern Division and Mid-Atlantic District competitions.  In 1994 and 1995 we were the Intermediate Chorus Champions and in 1996 the Small Chorus Champions of the Mason Dixon Division. The district was restructured in 1997 and we started the new millennium as the Small Chorus Champions in the Southern Division of the Mid- Atlantic District (MAD) for the year 2000. We then went on to win the 2001 MAD Small Chorus Championship for the first time since our chapter was founded.

Our accomplishments earned us our first invitation to compete in the National Small Chorus Competition in Columbus Ohio. We were the 2nd Place Intermediate Chorus in M-AD and the Most Improved Chorus in the Southern Division of M-AD in 2002, a time when our membership was growing.  We won the Southern Division Intermediate Chorus Champion Crown again for the first time since 1995 in May of 2003 and then won the District Intermediate Champion Crown for the first time in the chapter’s history in October 2004 at Wildwood N.J.

In May 2005 we won the Intermediate Chorus Championship of the Southern Division of M-AD in Reston Virginia. We have also put on an annual show for the community to enjoy every year since 1967. Some are funny and some are inspiring but all are a real great time!  We also perform for small groups both as a way to raise operating capital for the chorus and gratis for community causes.

In 2013, after a hiatus of a couple years, a core group of eight members from earlier years began to meet again with a renewed commitment to quality singing and service to the community. We fully intend to engage in competitions once our membership reaches the minimum number of 12 singers required for competition. In 2014, we have performed a number of times singing the National Anthem for Frederick Keys baseball games and other community events such as the unique Clustered Spires High Wheel Bike Race. We would be happy to sing for your special event!

Why Do We Sing?

We sing because it’s fun! Singing well is a reward like no other. Sharing our hobby in a way that really grabs audiences is a joy that is difficult to describe. You have to experience it yourself to understand the feeling. Some chapters focus only on competition. We focus on performing and entertaining at a level that enables us to compare favorably with any chapter of our size. We still believe that having fun is very important but competition is used to help us stay focused and maintain a forward motion. We measure our musical growth and expanding abilities as a chorus by competing in Divisional and District Competitions and the pleasure we give our fans during our performances in and around the area.

Contact Us  

Are you ready to sing with the Catoctones?  We would love to have you join us for fun, fellowship and really great harmony singing!  Give us a call at at 240-626-8221 or send us an email using the contact form.

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